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Hello Friends welcome to comtechb blog.here you will learn about .how to create bloge,earning methods ,tech news ,best template,scotips and so on.  

About the blog:

Comtechb is blog where you can learn completely about the blogger ,earning methods ,sco tips ,best templates ,and latest tech news .i started this blog on 15 feb 2019. here i will share my personal methods and this blog for every one who wants to learn blogging as well as related tech news 

I have inspired to the top blogger and i have learnt everythings about the blog .here i will share my best of the knowledge related blogging 

every country people can read my website whether he or she  is indian or forner .i have provided in a very simple language .

if you are visiting my blog you can learn deeply and can earn money through google adsense ,affiliate marketing ,earning apps .

About me:

 My name is Bittu Yadav .i have lot more interest in blogging as well as in youtube .i love to share knowledge about the blogging and related google adsense .so that every one can learn and earn good money.

I am student and i have much more interest in computer .i hate doing job .i just want to be a succesfull blogger .

I have lot more experience in the blogging as well as in the youtube .i have been learning blogging since 2014.

I have lots more knowledge in the computer apart from these things i have much interest or rather you can say hobbies are reading books,dancing ,acting ,anchoring and learning different language

if you have any question .let me know in the comment or you can contact us 
For any concerns ,infomation,or help related to blogging ,youtube ,scotips you cantact me at nirmalajayprakash2019@gmail.com
       Bittu Yadav

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