Why Tik Tok apps remove from play store:banned in india-main reason

As we all know that TiK ToK has banned in India due to some reason.I know a lots of the user wants to know why tik tok has banned in India or why Tik Tok apps have removed from play store. read the complete article in order to know the main reason. as we all know Tik Tok is a very popular app where people make their video for 15 seconds .and their user has been increasing per day

Why Tik Tok banned in India

As we all know that tik tok is very popular apps 120 millions of people are using these apps.in a month. and it's user are increasing day by day

According to the ministry of electronics and information technology of India and after ordered by the Madras high court on 3 April. prohibit to download the tik tok apps from play store 

Tik Tok has been download 240 million times and the user are increasing per day because everyone loves to watch the video. it's more entertaining. I also love to watch the Tik Tok video

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The main reasons is that a lots of the user post a video which violates the policy. Tik Tok official announces that million of the video has been deleting because the user violates the policy.

Tik Tok apps have removed from the play store if you go to the play store and search for Tik Tok. the apps will not be available on the play store.

It has not removed from the apple play store. if you have an apple I phone You can download it 

The final decision will be announced in a few days.

Tik Tok user

As we all know that tik tok also give money indirectly. and the most crucial things is that you can popular in a day. recently a tik tok user makes a video and he has popular in a day.

As we all know tik tok use children as well. and in case there are a lots of videos which is not good for children. that is why it has banned in India

what do you things it should be banned in India or not? let me know in the comment. As we all know that you can earn money from Tik Tok

I would request do not upload a video which people cannot watch with his family. please make a video which is related to comedy, funny dialogue and dance.

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Tik Tok apps only removed from play store it does not mean that you can not make a video. of course, you can make a video and you can also share your tik tok apps with your friends and you can install and use it without any interrupt

Tik Tok incident in India

  • In Panjab, a man making a video he came under the tractor and he lost his life. as we have familiar that a lots of the user making a video while he is driving a tractor or car 
  • Recently a 24-year-old Mohammad  Salman has shot by his friend Suhail Malik while making a video for Tik Tok 


As far as I know, this is not at all safe for children. if it would be safe then why Madras high court banned in India.in our country, a lots of people use this application you cannot imagine how many users download this application from play store.in a day and in tik tok policy also mention that minimum 13-year-old boys or girl can use this app. I have been using this application over the past few months. then I know all about this application. and I things you will also aware of it

On the one hand, this is one of the best application for entertainment and on the other hand, it is not good for children as madras court said that and As we have also watched Tik Tok video on youtube. how people use this application

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  1. For downloading Tik Tok videos I use a third party video downloader app. So, I am requesting Tik Tok developer to add the download option...