Quora partner program:how to earn money from Quora in India 2019

In this article, I will tell you step by step how to earn money from Quora.as we all know that Quora is a platform where you can ask any question regarding anything. and you can also submit your answer. Quora has finally launched its partner program.you will get a notification that you are eligible for this or not.and if you are asking to many questions .and if your profile would be filled completely then there is a very high probability that you will eligible for this

earn money from quora

What is Quora 

Quora is a website where you can ask any types of question and also submit your answer. now Quora is getting very high traffic from all over the world..In this time there are lots of the students, blogger and businessman ask a question and also they are submitting the answer as well.

In order to ask a question first and foremost, you have to create your own account. and you can also log in with facebook or google plus.

you can find any question on Quora.and here you can ask a question related to technology, finance, maths, science, business idea and much more with a full explanation. and one who gives you an answer they will also suggest you go to a particular website to get more information through links.

Quora had first time public on 2009.and the founder of the Quora are Adam D'Angelo and Charlie cheever .they were facebook employee.actually he was a manager in facebook and he is a computer engineer

It is based on America like other computer science companies.it is famous worldwide. I am using for the sack of knowledge as well as money.because as you all know that they are giving you money as well.


Quora help you to interact with lots of people and you can ask an interesting question and most important things for the sack of money as well as knowledge. you should use Quora.

you can get very high traffic on your website through quora because its estimate organic visitor are about 12 B plus.you can't imagine. how many visitors come from quora to your website 

Quora gives an option to write a blog on it and you can publish your blog on Quora once you publish your blog through quora that will be rank on the top first page and you can place your website or company links .because quora domain authority are very high it will promote your blog/website, companies, brand, institutions, business, channel, and much more things.

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 As soon as they read your Quora blog there is a very high probability that they will go through your links to get more information if your blog content are awesome.that is why content is the king of success


First you have to go to the king of the universe that is google and types Quora .com they will give you two option to create your account first you can log in with facebook and second with google plus and the third one you can create your new account
earn money from quora
earn money from quora

I would suggest. you should create a new fresh account on Quora and make sure to fill all the information asked by quora otherwise they will not send you a notification to join the partner program

In order to make money on quora first, you have to complete your account information fully with a profile photo 

And follow some of the pages. and you have to follow those pages which are related to your topic.and first time ask minimum 4 to 5 question 

you have to ask trending topics then you will get more answer and your revenue will generate 

once you create your account.then in order to login your requirement should be username and password

and its interface is very simple once you log in you will understand all the options. if you have any problem let me know in the comment


In order to join the partner, program.you have to fill all your account information. whichever asked by quora 
how to earn money from quora

Ask a unique and tranding question. in order to find trending topic you can go through google trends 
it will help you to find trending topics and you can also ask a random question. after sometime quora will send you a notification to join the partner program.you have to read the information and only you have to accept the partner program and nothing else


It is very simple you have to ask a question only and as much as the visitor come to your question and give you an answer. your revenue will be generated according to your advertisement cost per click{CPC}

You will have to ask as much question as possible so that your revenue could reach up to $ 10.

 As soon as you reached up to 10 dollars. You can withdraw your money and you will get your income through paypal account

you can earn a lots of money because as much question as you asked you will get more money there is a limit you can earn unlimited money it depends on your hard work.

Very few people know about this quora partner program in India. if you are reading this article please share with your friends so that they will also benefit of it.


there is lots of benefit from Quora. even I use it for the sack of the knowledge.because as you all know that it is a question answer website 


Quora will help you to boost your website, blog traffic.in the beginning, every blogger makes his website but they do not get traffic. that is why they do not get adsense approval.so it is the best for the beginner blogger. and some of the pro bloggers use it for ranking his website. I am using Quora over the past few months
how to earn money from quora

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you can earn money from affiliate.it is very simple you have to write a blog on the quora and link your affiliate link in the article


If you are a company owner and you are making your own product then you can promote your product or brand on quora.and million of visitor come daily on quora your product will be popular within a few months. and somebody came for the sack of knowledge and somebody to earn money by asking questions. 

and I am using quora for ranking our website. it really works for me.i always answer those question .which is related to the blog, earning, templates, tech news


this is one of the best websites to promote your business or institutions. as we all know there are a lots of visitors come daily on quora .you can promote by writing an article 

And as we all know that Quora is question answer website. then if somebody asks a question about the best institution for IIT or coaching you can answer them. and you can also suggest your institute by providing him or her with full details explanations


Some of the businessmen have their own brand. it could be a T-Shirt, shoes .you can promote your brand on the Quora. If you are beginner i would suggest first you have to promote your brand on the Quora and second on the youtube   


Now you can earn good money by asking a question. Quora has launched its partner program.Quora will send you a notification.you have to accept and ask the question as much as possible on the trending and interesting topics so that lots of visitors come and your revenue will generate

Keep asking a question on Quora daily. more visitor will come more you earn. and before asking a question or giving an answer make sure to read their policy page.don't voilate the policy otherwise they will suspend your account.

Keep patience and follow these tips if you want to earn money and if you want to ask any question do not ask on Quora asked in the comment


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