4-step to Get instant Backlinks From Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is one of the best and most authorized website in all over the world. Here I will tell you 4-step to get backlinks from Wikipedia it's monthly traffic reached up to 50 million plus. then obviously if you get backlinks from wikipedia.you can't imagine how much traffic you get. wikipedia content is available in English as well as in Hindi. and apps also available on play store
instant Backlinks From Wikipedia.

 If somebody needs any information regarding education, technology, culture, and many more they go to Wikipedia. and Wikipedia service provides you a brief knowledge about that topic. I personally visit Wikipedia official website 3 to 4 time a day. in order to find anything related to web hosting or something like that


  1. In order to rank your website, you need backlinks. I know you are wondering. in this time backlinks are not required to rank on the top but you are wrong. still, backlinks are required to rank on the top. you might check top rank website backlinks from the ahref tool or free of cost backlinks checker.
  2. Here I am talking about the Wikipedia backlinks.if you get a backlink from Wikipedia. that will be a very high-quality backlink and you will get massive traffic from one single link.
create backlink from wikipedia in order to rank on the first page

How to check backlinks for free

there are a lots of websites where you can check your website backlinks or other website backlinks for free. I give you some of the websites lists this is free of cost 
In order to check backlinks that its Do follow or No follow backlinks.
place your mouse arrow on the links and click mouse right button and go to the inspect. there you can find the backlinks

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A lots of the pro blogger got high-quality backlinks from the Wikipedia and their website ranks on the top.and they are getting massive traffic. your DA&PA will also increase

I know some of you wondering that Are Wikipedia links good for SEO?
there is no room for doubt guys obviously.this is best for SEO. you can check top 10 blogger website they have gotten a link from Wikipedia 


If you want to get backlinks from Wikipedia first and foremost things you have to create an account.

without creating an account on Wikipedia not possible to to get a link.

so go to the Wikipedia official website and click to create an account on the top right side.
create account on Wikipedia

Fill all the information and remember your password to log in for the next time 

In order to log in, you need only username and password

log in wikipedia

you can only replace that link on wikipedia which is dead. do not change other links for more information read their terms and conditions 

Step#3: find dead links on wiki grabber 

Wiki grabber is a website where you can find a dead link. by the help of the dead link, you  can edit dead link in Wikipedia.this is also called dead link checker

Dead links are the links which have no work if you click on the link it does not work.if you find a dead link you can remove by editing on the wiki. these broken link will affect in you SCO
WikiGrabber dead link checker

once you go to the wiki grabber website type your keyword and find a dead link related to that topic.

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I have made a video on youtube about wireless USB. and find these keywords on wiki grabber. finally, I have found the dead link and i go to the Wikipedia and edit the link by placing my youtube link

dead link checker

Step#4: Find dead link on Wikipedia & link your website 

once you have found the dead link from wiki grabber click on the link you will redirect to the official page 

after finishing this process press Ctrl+F  and type dead link. and press enter they will highlight the dead link 

remember the dead link number which is on the left side and press again Ctrl+F and type that number on the search box and click enter 

Go to the edit source and edit the dead link as well as the author name 

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