What is web hosting full explanation in 2019

If you are creating a website. then first you have to buy a domain and second, you have to buy web hosting.web hosting is a type of server where you can store your all the data and information.so that anyone visits to your website and then automatically your website will be open .there are a different type of the hosting. if you are creating a website on WordPress then you need to buy web hosting.


Web hosting is a type of service. where you can store your website data, information .it actually help you to open your website live in worldwide.

its a type of internet hosting service that anyone can access your website in the whole world. anyone visits your website without any problem.

Actually, one who provides us web hosting. he has his own companies. and in his company, he provides us different types of hosting.

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popular blogger builds their website on the Wordpress.in order to create a website in WordPress, they should have a domain and most important hosting.

If you have select inferior web hosting then your website does not work properly. and as soon as the visitor visits your website.they will not able to open your website. some error will show. and they will exit your website. and your website ranking will go down

you have to select a superior web hosting. where your website run all the time. every company have 3 web hosting they offer you the cheapest web hosting that is shared hosting, but your visitor increase from 1k to 10k then you have to select VPS service

Apart from these hosting if your website ranking increasing day by day then you have to change your plan. you have to select dedicated server hosting



This is your own server.it means you can access the whole dedicated server. you have your full command over it .some of Big website use multiple dedicated servers. some of the major website like Amazone, FlipkarWikipedia. these websites use multiple dedicated servers. their estimate visitor is very high. that is why they need to host their website on a dedicated server

If you gonna host your website on the dedicated server then. they offer you to host multiple domains, they give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well.

They also give you a free SSL certificate.this is the most important things for your website.because without these certificates google chrome show to the visitor that it is not a secure website. and the visitor does not want to visit your website 


VPS server is a part of a dedicated server. it means a dedicated server gives you half storage of the dedicated server to the user.

If your website rank is about more than 10k. then you have to host your website on the VPS SERVER. a lots of the blogger go through these hosting. they are the best web hosting . most of the blogger buy these hosting. because these hostings are also very cheap

As a blogger, i would recommend you vps server. if your visitor increasing daily. but if you are a beginner and you are creating a website with a new domain then you can go through the shared hosting


There are many beginner blogger host his website on the shared hosting .because it is best for new website.

Beginner blogger website views are very fewer. their estimate visitor is near about 1k .or rather it would be more than this. that is why you have to go through these hosting 

shared hostings mean a part of a virtual private server. it means In a VPS server. they create multiple shared hosting. and they give it to you

there are many companies offer you web hosting in a very cheap price. and the cheapest hosting is shared hosting. you can buy from the trusted website. there are some companies are trusted which is GoDaddy, and BigRock.these two websites are Indian website.these are trusted website

Because popular blogger recommends buying web hosting as well as the domain from these two websites. even I bought my domain from Godaddy.

most important things if you are creating a website. then you will surely buy a hosting. keep these things in your mind before buying a web hosting

buy a shared hosting for few months because. as your website ranking increase you have to change your plan from shared hosting to VPS hosting


There are many companies offer you free hosting. but as far as I know, free hosting is not best for you

once you have created a website on free hosting. and your visitor goona increase then he will probably charge much more money in future

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But if you wants to learn how to create a website in WordPress.then you can do through these free hosting and they also provide you free domain as well

if you are beginner blogger you can learn for free how to install plugin how to use theme, how to customize website and much more things .and if you are a youtuber  you can make a video tutorial for youtube.

Never use a premium domain in the free web hosting


In order to buy a web hosting first, you have to decide that which is trusted website because in the market there are some of the website cheat with you 

Most trusted website 
  • Godaddy
  • BigRock
there are two websites where you can buy a web hosting as well as domain they are trusted most of the blogger buy domain and web hosting from the two websites. these are Indian website and I also recommend for you that you have to buy a domain from these two websites 

A lots of the professional blogger recommend these two websites. even I have bought many domains and web hosting from these two websitesin order to buy a web hosting first, you have to compare prices in both the website, wherever the price will be fewer. then you can go through that one.as far as I know, the cheapest price found in the Godaddy website 

make sure to check they are giving you free SSL certificate or not .buy that web hosting .which give you free SSL certificate

you also have to check how much disk space, bandwidth and other things they are giving us.

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