Top 10 best SEO friendly AMP templates for blogger/Wordpress and their benefit in 2019

AMP stands for  Accelerated mobile page. AMP template is a type of template for wordpress or blogger.this AMP Template is a mobile friendly as well as SCO friendly.this types of templates has very high speed loading page. it will boost your website ranking and more visitor love to visit your website
Top 10 best SCO friendly AMP templates

 Why should we use AMP Template 

As we all know that a lot more people all over the world using Android mobile. and if we need any type of information we go to the google chrome and we want to get information quickly .then in this case AMP templates help to open the page in very less time as compared to other templates. that is why we should use AMP Templates . and more and more visitor visit your website and your website will be rank on the first page 

If you are a beginner and you want to  rank your website on the first pages then you should use AMP will help you to rank your website .because it is mobile friendly and SCO friendly as well 

If anyone finds any information on the google. and you have already posted an article related to the search .as soon as the visitor visits your website .it will take a second to open your website .and there is a very high chance that the visitor comes next time on your website 

AMP Templates interface is a very simple and classic look everyone like to visit these types of website.I love to visit the website who has to build their website on AMP Templates.and you can customize your templates very easily and this template is available for both the WordPress and can use these templates  either one of them

There are many bloggers has been using AMP Templates and they are making good money .it easily rank on the google .there are some templates .which google also recommend to use .in a less time you can make a lot more money. now a day blogger are using some  of the paid templates and some  of the free templates .in paid templates they extend their freature and in free templates you can not customize more but both are good . I personally use google free AMP templates


As we all know that Ajtak news website give much more information in one day .as you have seen that as soon as we visit the website .the news website take a single second to open.. Because they use AMP Templates .but use a paid template, go and visit the page and see the visitor .how much visitor visits to the website .as  far as I know their estimates visitor is about 1M per month 

.If you install these templates on WordPress then you can easily customize as well as you can put your social icon everywhere and in the post as well .they are fully designed by the way.

This types of templates have created by the professional's blogger .they customize these templates in this way .that you need not to worry about the customization .they have already customized it fully.

It is mobile friendly templates .if you are creating a website on these AMP templates.there is maximum chance to rank your website. Because as we all know that 70 to 75 percent of people using mobile and if the user needs any information they go to the browser and search whatever he or she wants to search and if your website on AMP templates then it is best. Because  it open fast .and if your templates are ordinary like other templates .that will take a time meanwhile the visitor exit your page .in this case google automatically rank your website down .that is why it is very important to use this types of templates for your website.

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First and foremost things content is the king .if your content is good no need to worry .your article will be rank .only you have to create a backling and your post readibility is good as well as SCO friendly article .then there is high probability your website will be rank within few days

If you do not know about SCO .you have to learn it before writing an article . Because it has very important role for ranking a website on AMP Templates

Some point you have to follow while writing an article in your AMP blog

  1. make sure to inbound link with your post it mean .if you are writing an article link some of the word with your privious article this is called inbound link 
  2. you also have to link other website .which they have  high DA and PA  this is called outbound link
  3. A target keyword should be in the first paragraph .you know why it is important because you meta discription has been taken from there.if your first paragraph contain have maximum focus keyword than your competitor than probability of high ranking your website 
  4. Highlight the main keyword .as i have bold the focus keyword 
  5. Meta discription should be necessary for your .make sure to add a meta discription on your post setting 
  6. your post should be in a short discription .Because if the visitor come to your website .he can be able to read properly
  7. you have to set image Alt text ,property and discription .It is needed because some time the user come to your website .and your website does not open .in this case your images open .if you have properly set you Alt text
  8. Focus keword should be in the URL .You can set a permalink in the blogger as well as in  the WordPress  


This is the best one templates .if a blogger thinks to install  free sco frindly templates then he go through this templates .and lots of the problogger use this template

It's interface look like professional website .they are fully customize .some of the customization is needed .if you are using WordPress then you can go through that one .and this for the blogger as well 

It's page load in a few second .then most of the visitor will  come on your website

Infinite AMP template

  2 . SCO AMP

these are fully SCO  Friendly template  template .Because it was created by the professional blogger
and its interface looks more classic and it is well designed by the creator .

Your recent post will see on left side with large thumbnail.and its layout you can see in the image
its footer side is also look like professional website

SCO AMP templates


Vletters is a very simple looking  template .but it can be boost your website .because lots of the user use this types of templates

It has made for those blogger who is beginner .if you are first time making a website then you can go through this templates .

this feature look very cool because your recent post will see with large thumbnail .and other post will sow in a small thumbnail on the sidebar

its side bar look very professional .because there will be your category and post

vletter AMP template


This template is best for those blogger .who wants ot create a news related wecsite . then this is the best one AMP template for your website .most of the blogger use this  template for creating a website .and their website are ranking

once you will visit to this templates you will see how the page work and their over views are looking normal but it is good for you.and you will give you the best result

this is free theme for the news related website only .but if you wants to use for any other purposes ,then you can use ,



This template look similar to the INFINITY templates .and it is easy to customize in the blogger as well as in the WordPress.and very easy to use

its menubar ,sidebar and whole layout looks more professional and footer side as well .and they have the search button on the top the templates sidebar

Is is totally free of cost ,you can use for free

infinite jlb template


  It is also a best popular AMP TEMPLATE .It has created by the problooger and the interface looks cool

this is the simple AMP template and its feature image looks on the top side of the templates ,and there is lot more feature you can do .because it give you the best customization option

it is advertisement friendly templates .there are lots of the place where you can show your ads .and you can earn money .

they give you the social button in between the post and on the side bar of the template as well

the amp templates


 Noname is one of  the best templates its feature looks more classic and and it is advertisement friendly template as you have seen in the template.

this is alos sco friendly templates once you will use this templates ,then you will realise  that this is one of the best templates that i never use in my life

their feature image with large thumbnail will show on the top side of the template and most important things is that you can place your google ads on the top of the menubar and also on the side bar .and in between the post as well


 In order to get more traffic .it mean organic traffic you can also use this blog amp template
and they have inline advertisement facility. and these templates has full of advertisement on the template as well as in the post

this are very popular AMP Templates. every blogger use this templates



Both the  template are more professinal for more information search on google

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