Newsplus Blog Magazine Free Template blogger Download 2019

Newsplus Blog Magazine is one of the best free templates because my website is also built on this template. its main feature .which I things its mega menu feature you have seen in the premier themes.I personally use these themes because of its mega menu. and another feature in the Newsplus Blogs magazine themes is like pro themes.
Newsplus Blog Magazine


Its main feature is its whole menubar and sidebar as well .its give you to place your LOGO  on the left sidebar.

on the top right side give you the most amazing feature that is a social icon you can link your social icon .like facebook, twitter, youtube, and Pinterest   and many more social icons 

Its main feature looks more professional that is its mega menu feature. if your cursor go to menu it will show in a big thumbnail .that look more attractive  and it give you the search option as well 

Below the menubar your recent post-show in a large thumbnail and your previous post show in small thumbnail 

On the sidebar of the newplus templates  another option of the social icon will show with a large icon 

Below the social icon, your recent post will be shown .which is looking great .you have to use it if you are a beginner .most of the beginner blogger use this template.and they create their website on these free newplus templates 

these templates are SCO friendly as well as responsive .its mobile feature looks also amazing.its design created in this ways that you can set you mobile logo as well 

these templates are an advertisement friendly template .on the top right side you can place your google ads   and on the footer side as well .if you want to place your ads on the middle of the templates then you can do it.

But I would recommend place only 3 to 4 ads on your blog .dodon't irritate you, visitor, otherwise they will not like your post and in the next time, he will not visit your page.

your all the labels are shown in the middle of the template and post as well .and on the footer side your most recent, random post and most popular post will be shown .which is great. because  this feature show in the premier feature 

on the left sidebar your category and your tags will be shown.



these templates are sco friendly and responsive and its feature of showing a post looks more attractive .that is will boost your ranking

you can share your website with your friend on facebook twitter and other social media. 

Its post will also look attractive the end of the post there are more that 5 social media icon there .if visitor like your post then there is a high chance he will share with your friends.that is how your ranking will be improved 

if you are making a website then there is a high probability that you Adsense will be approved within a few days. 

if you have created your terms and conditions, privacy policy and contact us page. then your Adsense will be approved within few days .but you have published 12 to 15 post  should be in your blogs.then absolutely you Adsense will be approved 


It is easy to customize because the creator who created these templates who already customize it fully 

But yo have to change the change the menubar in the blogger go to the layout and select menubar .set your category according to you .but don't forget to write the mega menu in the URL .after writing a category .then your menubar show with a large thumbnail.

Blogger layout gives you the opportunity to customize your blog according to you. you can change everything 

Blogger gives you HTML setting where you can change your templates .you can completely change your template if you know about the HTML then you can change from there also. but if you do not know about this then don't change anything otherwise you whole templates will be destroyed.

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