Latest Full SEO tips. how to rank on the google #1 in 2019.

If you wants to rank your website on the google# 1-page .i will tell you latest full SEO tips..if you follow this rule then absolutely .you will be rank your website on the google first page.if you are writing  a article then you should follow the SEO tips and easily you can rank your  website on the first page


every blogger wants to rank his website on the google first page . But because of some full knowledge about the SEO

Because of some major economical problem .he could not rank this website. But if you are a beginner or you are a professional blogger .if you don't know about these SEO tips you cannot rank your website.

first and foremost things you have to analyze your top 5 this blog and see how many words .he has written in his blog .make sure to write more than your competitor.

Analyze your competitor blog from beginning to advance .see how much image use in his blog , interlinking, inbound link and outbound link .and write a blog according to them

some of the tools to help you to analyze your competitor everything like backling ,top trending keyword and total knowledge about the blog .

analyze your competitor backlink .and  try to create a from them .most important create backling more than your competitor.

create hight quality backling .it means the website in which you  are creating a backlink .their DA AND PA should be higher .this SEO tips help you to rank your website on the google first page

your website ranking also depends on the templates .if you are creating you website on the free templates .some of the template are SCO friendly. But some of the templates are not responsive and sco friendly .then your website ranking will be down after a few days.

make sure to use paid template which is good for your website ranking  .but in case you have no money and you are beginner and you can go through free templates , But these templates should be SCO Friendly as well as responsive

I have the list of free SCO friendly and responsive templates for more inforamtion click down link

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There are twokindsd of tools

  • Paid tools 
  • free tools 
Paid tools
Free tools


Ahref tools is one of the best tools for any kind of the website .because it give you the best result and you can analyze your competitor keyword , backlink  and much more things.

By the help of these tools,.you can easily rank your website. you can search your keyword difficulty .and also check DA AND PA of any website. it helps to find the keyword which has high searching .but competition is very low.

If you are gonna purchase this tools .then its cost will be $ means it cost in rupees will be near about 6 thousand rupees. But you can purchase it at very low cost near about 500 or less than this for one month .some of the website give you this opportunity to buy these tools in 300.

youtube video help you to find a find that website .where you can purchase these tools .and If you are gonna purchase this tools for 1 year .then some of the discount you will find.

full sco tips

SEMrush tools 

SEMrush tools also help you to boost  your website Ranking .it is also a great tools .it is same like a ahref tools 

some of the pro blogger use this tools .for their website . and now they are ranking their website on the top of the google 

this tools also help you to find the top keyword  which has high search but competition is very low . if you are working on that topic then you will easily rank your website 

these tools also help you to find the high CPC keyword .as we all know that in India CPC is very low .and if you are working on the website which has high CPC. then you can earn good money

some of the bloggers has search high CPC keyword and they write and article on  that keyword .and they are earning good money in very fewer time .you can also do it 

you can search high CPC keyword and make sure to check the competition on that particular keyword .if the competition is low .then you can go through that but if the competition is high leave that topic .and try to find another keyword 

SEMrush will help you to find the keyword .and it will help you to rank your website on the google first page .
full sco tips


 Ubersuggest is on of the top free tools to find your keyword, backlink, and much more things .this is created by one of the top blogger Neil Patel .he has created this tools for those bloggers who can not afford paid tools.

One who start a blog .if he is beginner then he go through this tools .because it is totally free and it gives all the feature like paid tools.

I personally use these tools. If I need to find the keyword .it give you the detail about the keyword  difficulty .that will tell you .that you can rank in the top 20 

it give you about the total searches, difficulty, competition, and CPC 

here you can search your competitor that how many backlinks he has created on one post. and if you create more backlink then your competitor then there is very high chance to rank your post in a few days 

Neil Patel has developed these tools for the beginner blogger who wants to create his website but he could not find any keyword .which has high search but competition is very low and their CPC is high .in this tools you can find anything related to your website and for another website you can visit on those tools and try at once . and tell me it is helpful for you are not.please let me know in the comment

full sco tips


Keyword everywhere is a free tool .these also help you to find the keyword. these tools use most of the beginner blogger 

If you are beginner then you can go through that because it is totally free of cost .you can place search your keyword in the keyword tools and copy all the keyword and place then in the keyword everywhere.

Because keyword tools are paid tools that will only show you the keyword but not the competition, searches, and CPC .that is why you have to find all the keyword in the keyword everywhere 

keyword everywhere gives you the best result because .these tools will tell you about the total search on the particular keyword, competition, difficulty and Of course CPC.

it is very easy to download and instal in your PC .simply search on the google chrome web store 
and on the left side you can search keyword everywhere .and you can download in your extension 

the extension will show on the top side after installation, go to the setting and type your Gmail account name there and press ok.

Go to the Gmail account and open the mail and copy the  API key .and go to the setting and place it over there and press ok .now you can use these tools for free .and you can set according to the competition, searches and CPC in the setting option 


In order to write a SEO friendly article .make sure to use Yoast seo plugin .they will make your post fully sco friendly and ther would be very high chance you can rank . But these tools is only for Wordpress ,

In order to write an article .what you can do, you can install WordPress on the local host .and add the Yoast plugin .and write an article on the WordPress, and go to the HTML and copy all the code and paste in the blogger HTML.

If you are using Yoast plugin make sure to keep this point in your mind 
  • don't forget to write a meta description 
  • interlinking should be in your post 
  • An outbound link should be in your post .and make sure to link that website which has high DA &PA .then those links help you rank your website .if you are linking another website then you website trust will be higher 
  • Edit permalink and write permalink with your focus keyword. Because when you will create backlink .and anyone clicks on your link and he will be reached to your website .and help in the google search .if anyone searches you permalink keyword and automatically your website will be shown first.
  • IF You are beginner you can create a blog on the quora .and you can write your own keyword .as soon as you post rank on the quora then there is a very high chance that your website will be rank.
  • if you are using an image then don't forget to add your focus keyword in the alt text 
  • one more important things that you have to connect your facebook twitter and Pinterest account to your blog .because it has very high domain authority.
  • pinterest will help you to boost your blog if you are a beginner .then don't forget to use for your blog .
these SCO tips will help you to boost your ranking .i have covered all the topic.

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