Earn money: how to earn from Pubg tournament match on mobile-2019

In this article, I will tell you the simple methods to earn money from the most popular game Pubg.as we all know that pubg players are crazy to play this game every time. so some of the pro Pubg players organize a tournament match for pubg player If you play good game then you can join pubg tournament match and you can earn good money.
earn money from pubg
earn money from pubg


Pubg is one of the most popular game in the world. a lots of the Android user play this game. even I play this game sometime.

pubg tournament match organizes by some of the pro pugb players. and a lots of users join this tournament and they are earning good money

there is no limit of money. it depends on the match how many matches do you play in one day and it also depends on how do you play good or bad.

Every tournament match has a fixed price. make sure to check the price of the tournament before playing games. it depends on the ranking you got 1st rank then you will win the price according to the list of price and as it is for the second, third and up to tenth.

If you are joining a tournament match first time make sure to check they are trusted or not.

If you are beginner then you can not win the game because in the tournament match a lots of the pro player plays this game.

if you are playing this game over the past few months and you feel that you can do better and you can win the match then you can join the tournament match.


In order to join the game, you have a Facebook or Instagram account.because all the tournament organized through facebook page or Instagram page 

you can join the pubg tournament page in Facebook and Instagram.if you will visit to the tournament page you will see a lots of the pages open.

But you have to choose only that page which is popular.in order to search popular and trusted page
you can see the follower if their follower are more than other then you can join the tournament 

In order to join the game, you have to pay the entry fees.as far as I know, the entry fees are minimum of 100 rupees. maximum 500 to 1000.

you will have to pay this entry fees through Paytm PayPal account or google pay they will give you the option in order to pay the fees 

Take a screenshot as soon as you pay the entry fees and send them to the organizer. they will give you an ID and password.keep this ID and password.

And they will give you the slot of the time when you have to play the game. it will look like this photo given below

Just 1 hour before getting ready to play as soon as the room open login to the game rooms. and they will open the room for 15 minutes .if you didn't join the game they will not give you another chance to play.

If you get the 1st rank then you can get rupees up to 1000. and they will give you money according to your rank.

you can trust him because a lots of pro players are earning good money. and they will also recommend for you to play if you are a good player


I would recommend you if you are a good player and in a normal game you win rather you can say if you got chicken dinner then there is a very high probability that you can win the tournament and get 1000 rupees 

there is no limit you can play multiple games in one day. but I would say play this pugb game 2 to 3 time in a day

Because this is one of the single game.that most of the people spent the whole time on it. don't do it time is gold for us

you can earn more money if the price of the winner would be 10,000 or even 1 lakhs.but the entry fees are very high. I things the entry fees would be 1000 to 15000.

If you are student do not play this game because if you lose the match.you will mentally disturb. but however, you want to play. if you feel you can win the match then I would say that join the tournament which has 100 rupees entry fees

If you do better then you can join another tournament. but before joining the game follow the rules which I have given above.


this is the best method to earn money. our mother always says will this game give you money. now you can say YES this game give you money. this is one of the best methods apart from these methods there are other methods to earn from pubg. but it will give you instant money. there are many players have earned so much money they share their experience on face facebook and Instagram. If you are a pro pubg player you can earn a lots of the money by playing pubg tournament match.
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