How to do live chat using tidio plugin in wordpress 2019

Tidio is a WordPress plugin for a live chat with your viwer.these plugin is one of the best for live chat and it is totally free .these feature is used to interact with your viewer. it also helps you to collect email for your email marketing. live chat is the best option to talk or ask any types of question to your favourite blogger. a lot of beginner and pro blogger use this live chat feature in his blog.have you ever try.
live chat tidio


Tidio plugin is one of the best and most popular plugins .most of the blogger use it for collecting an email address .for promoting their website and youtube video .they also  use it for affiliate marketing

Open your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugin option and search tidio.this is the only plugins that give you a feature like paid plugins almost everything is free.

Click on the plugin to install. and on activate, .then your plugins will be install

On the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. a new button would have added. with name Tidio chat  click on the tidio and open the tidio dashboard

Now you have to create an account for for login the tidio live chat plugin

The first step to give you two option
  • automation bots
  • live chat on your site 
make sure to select both of them.don't forget to leave anyone otherwise you can not do extra things like automatic chat option and much more things

Automatic Bots will help you. when you will be offline. if you have set your answer in automatic bots then this automatically helps you to impress your visitor .and next time there would be very high probabilities that he will come on your website next time

The second step you have to give your name, profile picture, country, language and also the chat colour and you can see live changing in your setting. on the left side .that will show a live chat like facebook messenger

As you change your setting like profile, name, and colour live changes will be shown there. and most important feature is that you can set your message when you will be offline.that will help you to contact with your viewer
live chat

The third step you have to fill your Account information. like website address, email, country, and language .after finish this step click on the continue button.

Now your dashboard will be open where you can change your setting according to you.they give an extra feature. and there are much more things.
live chat tidio


This is very simple to use for your blog once you will be able to install in your WordPress then you can customize it according to you, 

Open your dashboard .if you could not open then type will directly open your dashboard

If you want to change you colour. as you have seen above the chat colour is red .but you can change it from the starting option or simply click to channel which is on the left middle side of tidio live chat dashboard

it gives you an option that you wants to be online or offline .you can change it from there. But I would recommend that .you have select it online. because lots of visitors come on your website. if they want to ask any question. and there will show that you are offline then probably he will exit your website. and they will jump on the other website 

And try to give them answer .because as much as you give an answer to your visitor then he will like your website and probably he will come next time.

Its cool feature is that if somebody sends you the message you can receive it immediately. its more interesting feature. if the administrator typing anything. the viewer can see live chat and if you are sending any message the administrator can see it live. this is one of the best features. that I think you have seen in the facebook messenger

In the tidio dashboard, there is an option called bots launcher. boots launcher actually helps you when you will be can write a message. if somebody wants to talk to you.the first message show like welcome to our blog or something like that.

If you want to ask anything like email, phone, from your visitor then you can do it in the boots launcher. as soon as your visitor try to ask any question on live then first they have to fill the information. whatever you want to require from you visitor..this is one of the best features


It will boost your you all know in our India as well as in another country there are lots of the blogger, some are professional and some of the beginner

If they feel any doubts to create a website, how to customize a blog or any type of question then. he must visit that blog.which he has a live chat option. where the visitor asked any kind of information.if you have solved his problem then he will probably share your blogs with his friends. 

you can collect a lots of the email address for your business like email marketing, blog promotion and many more things a lot of the blogger do these things .and they are earning goods money.

You might have seen in the professional blogger. that they use live chat in his blog for collecting email address. and they promote their business, website and they share a lots of information through email.

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