Earning tricks:How to earn money from Tik-Tok-2019

Tik Tok is a very simple social application like others. But this is most popular in all over the world. now every android user loves to watch a tik tok video. and in this article, I will tell you how to earn money from tik tok. most of the user have very high fan following but they don't know how to earn money from tik tok. and I will tell you step by step processes. so stay tune with us till the end.

earn money from tik tok
earn money from tik tok


Tik Tok is very simple but most popular apps in our country as well as other countries and the User are increasing day by day the reason is that you could be famous in a day and everyone wants to be famous and most important you can earn a lots of money 

In this apps you have to upload you own video with music and dialogue and even you can act yourself with your own voice

No need to pay any kind of rupees for registering. you can create your profile for free. 

You have to face a camera.if you want that your viewer like your video first and foremost things you have to do acting better than any other. and second, do not copy anyone just make a video in your own style 

People love to watch a video like a mimicry, dance, acting and funny singing. I love dancing and dialogue

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Tik Tik apps are earning a million dollar. because per day their user is increasing and user spent most of the time on tik tok 

It gains popularity of 500 million users across more than 100 different countries .it's a very big achievement 

once you will be famous you can not imagine. how much you can earn money from tik tok. and you will be treated like a famous personality as well.


First and foremost things you have to face a camera. If you could face the camera then 50% of work has done. Before making a video on tik tok make a random video for practising

Just go and download the tik tok apps on playstore. it is completely free of cost. and create your own profile and don't forget to fill any option. make sure to fill all the information. 

Make a video on tik tok and share with your friends so that he can share your video with other friends and once your friends share. if peoples like your video then there is a very high probability. you fan following will increase 

you can earn money from tik tok to go live with your fans. and you can not earn money from video. and from video, you can only increase your fans following
]earn money from tik tok

As soon as your fan following will increase. you can go live. in order to impress you your fans send you emoji.each emoji has a fixed price they will buy and send you.and then you can covert it into rupees.that's how you can earn money
earn money from tik tok
earn money from tik tok


There are many social platforms where you can share your video 

You must write a good title and discription.you might have heard about it on youtube.that you have to write a good title and description then your video gonna viral

most important things. which everyone suggests to do that is the thumbnail. if you make attractive thumbnail then there is a very high chance that your video gonna viral


you must have an android phone. by which you can upload your video. and very important things you camera quality must be superior. and then your video gonna viral.

If you have money then you can make your video from DSLR camera.because video quality.of a DSLR is much better than a normal phone

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You must have internet.every one should have a jio sim you can use it.Jio sim are giving us very high data in a fewer price.so, as far as i know, you must have a Jio sim.i am using a Jio sim over the past 2 year

once you will make your video you need a simple video editing software.I suggest you just download a free video editing software. there are many free video editing software on play store.If you have video editing software then you can make your video more funny and interesting.


Now a day some of the blogger youtuber and tik tok maker are earning more than 50 to 60 thousand rupees in a month from amazon affiliate

If you ask any pro blogger that how much you are earning and what is the source of your income.then he will definitely say amazon affiliate

you can simply add your affiliate link if anyone goes through the link and buy that product you will get a commissioned. it depends on the product how much you can earn.


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