5 desi tips:How to protect your mobile during holi 2019

This is very important for us to protect our mobile during holi.as you all know every Indian people celebrate holi with colour. holi is a festival of colour. we celebrate this festival with colour like gulal and all that. in order to protect our mobile. because we carry our mobile everywhere in the market in order to celebrate Holi, somebody, throw colour with water, in that case, your mobile will
be destroyed                                        
protect mobile in holi


In order to protect our mobile. we should be very careful. because during Holi. somebody throw water with colour. your android mobile can be destroyed

Before one day of holi, you should keep these things in our mind that our mobile should be covered with polyethene. if you are using polyethene. then probably your mobile will be safe

Make sure to remove fingerprints lock and also remove pattern lock because if your friends asked you to take a selfie then you will use your hand in case your mobile screen will be destroyed

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in order to take a selfie, you have to use the volume button. and if it is possible then keep your mobile at your home

if your mobile is waterproof then don't worry your mobile will be safe. and your mobile is not waterproof then laminate your mobile completely.

keep your mobile in the back pocket. because if somebody throws water. most probably he will throw to your face side. and that is how your mobile will not contact with water

In  case you mobile contact with water then put your mobile in a dry place or in front of sunlight.then probably your phone will be safe in the subsequent moment

Do not connect to the charge unless your mobile is completely dry. and try to use a normal keypad phone during the whole days

Rather you can use a plastic bag to keep your mobile safe. and try to use wireless earphone and keep your phone in your pocket.

if water enters into the mobile then the water goes to the sim slot, battery and other things it will damage your complete mobile.

If you really want to keep your mobile safe then use Zip Bags. even I use the zip bags to keep my mobile safe

lock your important apps like paytm, sbi apps,google pay, and other apps everything is very important to keep safe. because all these apps connected to your bank account
protect mobile from water


If your mobile contact with water then there is very high probability your mobile will be damage. in India most of the mobile damage from the water.that is why the mobile company launched a waterproof mobile.

keep away your phone from oil.because as we have seen in our home. our family member prepares food in holi.in that case, if your mobile contact with oid then probably your phone will be damaged


Use simple and cheap mobile. backup your contact data and all that in your secondary phone. and use it during the festival.everyone have a keypad cheap mobile use it especially in holi 

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