How to earn money through shareit wemedia/easy ways to earn .

As you all know about shareit  here i will tell about shareit. that how can we earn money through shareit wemedia .recently shareit lauch this things .now you can earn money through shareit wemedia .now you can upload your original video and as your video viwes increase .you will earn is almost similar to youtube .

how to earn money through shareit
how to earn money through shareit

what is shareit

As we familiar with the shareit .it is a best platform where you can sent or receive 
  • Photo
  • document 
  • application 
  • video     
shareit is a very popular apps from which you can transfer everything which i have listed above 
it is very popular in india as well as another country.its interface is very easy to use .

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How can we earn from shareit wemedia

As we all know that shareit is giving this opportunity to earn money through shareit wemedia .a lot more people have created this profile on shareit and he is earning good money as far as the earning is concerned .there are lots of platform are available online for instance youtube ,blogging ,wordpress,.
as it is shareit lanch its new feature shareit wemedia .through which you can earn lot more money

How can we create profile 

these are very simple method .you can go to the shareit wemedia .its interface are looking preety .and there are two methods to log in .
  • first you can log in with facebook 
  • you can sign up 
earn through shareit wemedia
earn through shareit wemedia

shareit has very easy interface you will understand .once you  will log in and the maximum size of upload a video is nearabout 2GB ..simply make your own  video and upload on shareit wemedia 

keep this thing in your mind before uploding a video . a video is not copyrighted mean .don't uplod any other video from youtube ,facebook ,instagram and from any other platform .otherwise .if you are uploading a video .make sure the video should not already uploaded on shareit .otherwise it will be not  publish.and your video will be in pending .upload unique content .which is created by you only.

Top Menu Bar

Top menu bar are very simple to use on the left top side your profile photo will be sown like passport size photo and top menu are given below

  • Fan 
  • Recommend 
  • clicks 
  • earning
fan  simply you can understand subscriber  . how much subscriber have you gain .recommend means how many people have you recommend .clicks means how many clicks in your video .and the last most important earning .for which every one working hard ..

How to earn money through shareit wemedia
How to earn money through shareit wemedia

Left menu Bar

On the left menu bar .you will see post related things .these are very important to understand for uploading a video .or as for as analytic is concern .as soon as you login .you will see.

  • Home 
  • Post 
  • Content
  • Analytics
  • Earning 
As we all know about home .it will show your all video .and you can see how many post i have posted,content will show your all content , Analytics will show your video analytics .and last your earning

How can we upload a video 

it is very simple just go to the post .there you will see video, Atlas  and music .its criteria is maximum resolution would be 720p and size of vide maximum 2gb.

click on file upload chose your video and click on upload .once the video will be start uploading .you can write .

  1. Title
  2. Description 
  3. Language
  4. Category
  5. tags
  6. cover
you know all about it .it is very simple write a sco friendly title, the description should be at last 150  words .you can choose your language .category  means that your video should be related to health, beauty or comedy and so on .which is your category just chose that category. and you can write tags like youtube .if you are a youtuber you can do it .and everyone can do this to read this article .and the most important is cover .as we all know that youtube give an option to upload costume thumbnail. as it is it gives these option to upload a thumbnail.

it gives another option to saves a video and can upload a video later. here you can earn more money by uploading a video.

guys i just want to says make an attractive thumbnail .then your video will be on the top page and obviously your content should be unique.

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