Top 10 free SEO Tools for blogger /WordPress /2019/

Top 10 SEO Tools 

This top 10 seo tools help you to analyze keyword which will help you to analyze your competitor and the tools work almost like paid tools .if you can not afford them then you can go throught this free tools .
Top 10 SCO Tools for blogger and WordPress /2019/

1-Free Backlink Checker Tool - SEO Inbound Link Analyzer
2-Website SEO Analysis – Web Page Analyzer Tool _ LXRMarketplace
3-Free Competitor Analysis Tool - Competitor Website Analyzer
4-Website SEO Analysis – Web Page Analyzer Tool _ LXRMarketplace
5-Top Ranked Websites by Keyword Tool _ LXR Marketplace
6-Keyword Rank Checker Tool – SEO Rank Tracker     
7-8-9-Free SEO Tools for Small Businesses - Online SEO Software Toolkit 
10-Domain Age Checker 

This are some few SCO tools which you can use for free for your blogger ,WordPress. etc  this website provide you free tools online .as we all know that beginner blogger can not afford paid tools .that is why i share you this website .use this tools and make money online 

 1 - free backlink checker tool-sco Inbound Link Analyzer

         First you go to the inbound link analyzer put your website  and get analyzer 
           it will tell you about backling ,refering domain ,goverment link  ,educational links 
           index pages
nbound Link Analyze

2-web site sco analyzer -web page analyzer tools    

   Here you can analyse your website like pro .you will have to enter URL and analyse   whats your competitor do wrong .and once u will find that somthing is wrong u can manage your website then your website rank on first page

3 -Free competitor analysis tool - competitor website analyze  

             Here you can analyse your competitor like page size ,word count and much more 

4 Web page analyzer 

Here you can analyse your website or other website and can find out the details about your website or your competitor website and u can easily rank your website on the top of the google page

5-Top Ranked Websites by Keyword Tools

Here you can analyse your top ranks website and u can find out which is your competitor and how can we beat him to write good article as compare to your competitor and more more option u can find out go and visit the website and find who is on the top and what did he do in his website .and you did't do .here is the photo .

6-Keyword Rank Checker Tool – SEO Rank Tracker

Here as you all know that it is clear from heading .this is the online tools where you can find out the most researchable keyword

7-8-9 free SEO Tools for Small Businesses - Online SEO Software Toolkit 

 Here are some other tools which will help u to make you website awesome .these are free tools which u can use forever means lifetime and ranks your website easily.these are the .these are few online best tools for free and enjoy to ranks your website on the top of the google 

10-Domain Age Checker 

This tools will help you to find the age of domain and all about the domain here 

I hope this article help you .if this article will help you .please let me know in the comment 
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