Top 10 best seo friendly and responsive templates/2019/

Top 10 best seo friendly templates                                                                  

This  is one of the best templates of all time .each template is responsive and SEO friendly templates they will provide you best feature like pro .once you will use these templates you will feel as if your website is professional .i have used all these templates for my website .it give me more benefits .once  in this way that when I use these templates for my website first time . google Adsense approved my website within 5 days .my  friends also use this templates .now they are earning good can use for your WordPress

Top 10 best templates 
5-Bayna blogger fast template
6-SCO Boast
8-Gooyabi best template
9-Palki 2 template 

10 -Minima colored 3 Mega 

These are the best template which I use and a popular blogger as well .i suggest you to install these templates and these are free
if you want to download go and google it [like flexzine template blogger for free..
flexzine have more feature like 5 menu bar of them are feature bar in which 7 sub menu bar these are responsive as. I already told you on the top side you can place your ads  and on the sidebar ..on the top of the conrner all social media icon 
guys, if you are using this templates, .make sure you  have to make page like contact us ,privacy policy,terms and conditons ,disclaimer ,about us  and as it is all the templates are there. go and check it out and use these templates

Guys I tried my best to provide best templates which will help you .if you like my article  please stay connected for more update .and let me know in the comment this article are helpful or not 
                          THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS

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